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David Reads 'Emily Brown And The Elephant Emergency'

David On Breakfast

David On GM:TV


David will be in the BBC Breakfast studio tomorrow morning to discuss his last epiosde of Doctor Who. Tune in to see him on BBC One between 6am - 9am.

BBC Five Live Breakfast Show

David will be a guest on Radio 5 Live's Breakfast Show tomorrow morning.He will be chatting about his last ever episode of Doctor Who. You can listen online at

The End Of Time Part Two Trailer

Allons-y! Trailer

Doctor Who Confodential: Allons-y! will air on New Year's Day at 19:55pm on BBC Three.

Alan Carr Chatty Man

If you missed David on Alan Carr's Chatty Man last night then you can watch it again online here.
It will also be repeated on New Year's Eve. Check the diary on the main site for full repeat details.

The Greatest TV Shows Of The Noughties

The End Of Time Part Two Pics

His time's almost up and the poor Doctor is looking more than slightly the worse for wear in these new shots from The End Of Time Part Two.
See how his final story unfolds on New Year's Day at 18:40pm on BBC One.
Thanks to Blogtor Who.

The End Of Time Viewer Ratings

The End Of Time Part One was the third most watched TV show on Christmas Day with a whopping 10 Million people tuning in to see the first part of David's final adventure as the Doctor.
EastEnders and Gavin And Stacey made up the top three.

Hamlet Viewing Ratings

David Tennant's reworked stage outing as Hamlet attracted 900,000 viewers to BBC2, as the BBC took the honours on Boxing Day with the fallout of Archie Mitchell's death on EastEnders the biggest rating show of the day.

Tennant, who had a day earlier starred as Doctor Who on BBC1, received rave reviews for his performance of Hamlet for the Royal Shakespeare Company. The three-hour TV adaptation, managed an audience share of 4.5% across the 5.05pm to 8.10pm slot. BBC2 followed up with the final of Victorian Farm Christmas, between 8.10pm and 9.10pm, which attracted 1.1m viewers and a 5.1% audience share.
The development of the EastEnders whodunit saga, which started on Christmas Day when Archie Mitchell was killed in the biggest-rating show of the day, delivered an audience of 8.1m for BBC1. This represented a 37.9% share of the audience between 7pm and 7.30pm.
The BBC beat ITV into second place with Ant & Dec's Christmas Show the second highest-rating show of the day with …

The End Of Time Part One Screen Caps

We've uploaded over 400 screen caps of David from The End Of Time Part One to the photo section of the site. View them here.

Nan's Christmas Carol

Watch David's appearance as the Ghost Of Christmas Present on Nan's Christmas Carol above and view pics from the show here.

The Big Questions


Watch David on the Qi Christmas special above and view caps from the show here.

David Reads 'The Christmas Bear'

You can view caps from the above video here.

David Reads 'Small Mouse Big City'

You can view caps from the above video here.

New Pics From The End Of Time

To get you in the mood for The End Of Time we've updated the gallery with even more lovely pics! Click here to view them.

GM:TV Interview Postponed

The interview with David scheduled for tomorrow's GM:TV has been moved to 31st December 2009.

David Reads "How High Is The Sky"

You can view screen caps from the above video here.

A Cheeky Surprise For The Doctor

The Doctor gets a cheeky surprise from pensioner, Minnie Hooper this year when she plants her hand on his bum during a scene in The End Of Time!
Minnie is played by veteran actress June Whitfield. Tune in on Christmas Day at 18:00pm on BBC One to see the episode.

Nan's Christmas Carol

Nan is the star of this year's seasonal special from Catherine Tate.

The festive show sees Nan's acid-tongued insults catch up with her when the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future, along with a dead husband, pay an unexpected visit, in this comic re-telling of Charles Dickens's tale A Christmas Carol.
Is it too late for Nan to swap her Scrooge-like misery for some seasonal goodwill?
The Christmas special sees Mathew Horne return as Nan's grandson, Jamie, and features appearances from special guests including David Tennant, Ben Miller and Only Fools And Horses actor Roger Lloyd Pack.

Preview Of Hamlet's Coward Soliloquy

Hamlet airs on BBC Two on 26th December at 17:05pm

David Talks About Hamlet's Monologue

David Reads "Miki"

You can view screen grabs from the above video here.

Bedtime Stories

There's a Christmas treat for young story-lovers when Doctor Who star David Tennant swaps the Tardis for the CBeebies Bedtime Story chair and breathes life into the enchanting seasonal tale of The Christmas Bear by Henrietta and Paul Stickland. David Tennant reads four more stories during the festive season: How High Is The Sky by Anna Milbourne, illustrated by Serena Riglietti; Small Mouse, Big City by Simon Prescott; Emily Brown And The Elephant Emergency by Cressida Cowell and Neal Layton; and Miki by Stephen Mackey.

David reads the bedtime story on the following days: 21st December, 22nd December, 23rd December, 27th December, 28th December, 29th December, 30th December and 31st December at 18:50pm on CBeebies.

David, Russell and Julie Talk Christmas

Learning Zone

BBC Two have been running a series of programmes during their Learning Zone slot about Hamlet. The final show, From Stage To Screen, is broadcast tomorrow morning at 00:50am.
You can view some photos of David from last night's show From PageTo Stage here.

Why I'll Miss Playing Doctor Who At Christmas

"Christmas television was a big deal when I was young. It was the only time of the year that my mum would buy the Radio Times and the TV Times, and I used to love poring over them – I think that’s quite a common British experience.

“So I’m thrilled to have been part of that for the last few years. We’ll have done five Christmas Specials and Doctor Who seems such an obvious fit for Christmas television, doesn’t it?
“This year we’ve done something different again – partly because we’re telling the stories of the end of the Doctor’s time. It is still set at Christmas but it’s perhaps not got quite as much Christmas cheer as before.
“It was a bit sad for me too, filming it. Of course, the way filming is, the last things I actually filmed were weird green-screeny things with me hanging on a bit of wire.
“We’d done all the big emotional stuff way, way before. I think if we’d done my very last scene on my very last day I might have been in a bit of a state.”
Credit: The Telegraph

David Tennant: It just feels scary… all the time

David Tennant: It just feels scary… all the time
He's been voted the best Doctor Who ever, but David Tennant's rule as the Timelord is coming to an end. So how will he cope with life outside the Tardis? Johnny Davis, who has spent the past year trailing him, talks to Britain's most popular actor

Last month David Tennant sold off his bed. It was, he admitted, "not the most delicious piece of furniture". It sat in reception at London's Absolute Radio looking every one of its 15 years in age, its wonky wrought-iron headboard accessorised by a Dalek bedspread and a handwritten sign: "Do not sit on this: prone to collapse".

Tennant was hosting Absolute's Breakfast Show alongside regular presenter Christian O'Connell. By 10am he'd played ping pong in the back of a Ford Galaxy, answered a series of questions from 12-year-olds and encouraged the actor Anthony Head to call in and sing "Lean on Me". Then there was his bed, being auctioned o…

St Trinian's 2 T4 Interview

Hamlet Trailer

Hamlet airs on BBC Two on 26th December at 17:05pm.

The End Of Time On Newsround

Newsround interview stars of The End Of Time at the recent Press Launch.

BBC News Interview

Qi Preview Clips

David will be a guest on QI on 24th December at 22:00pm on BBC One.

How David Tennant's Time Lord Saved Auntie

David Tennant's reign as the Doctor saved the BBC – and it comes to a dramatic end on New Year's Day. But fear not! The next Time Lord, Matt Smith, will have plenty on his plate: the Second World War, Van Gogh...

Do you hate David Tennant? Then this will be the worst Christmas of your life. You might as well gaffer-tape your face until January, because between today and New Year's Day, that lanky Scotsman with the Converse tennis shoes and the pinstripes and the great hair-wax explosion will fill more airwaves than Fiona Bruce and the jewellery demonstrators of QVC combined.

Doctor Who will drive the Tardis-like Santa's sleigh all over the BBC One channel idents. Off he'll go, with the full complement of reindeer, to score a big "O" into the winter sky – and he'll make around 40 more house calls during the festive season. Principal among these, of course, is his 10th incarnation's final two-part adventure. (Its title, "The End of Time", is…

David Tennant Brings Hamlet To TV

Whatever Shakespeare had in mind when he pictured Elsinore, it probably wasn’t Mill Hill. Yet, back in June, it was in this north London suburb that David Tennant, Patrick Stewart and the cast of the RSC’s blockbuster 2008 Hamlet reassembled to make a film of their pro­duction for BBC2. St Joseph’s College, a 19th-century missionary school that was put up for sale three years ago and has been mothballed ever since, was their Danish royal palace. It sits on an incongruous knoll just beside the A1; had you happened to be driving past in June, the only clue that this was where the theatrical event of 2008 was being retooled for Christmas TV in 2009 was the presence of security guards, stationed at the gate to keep the Whovians out.

Nobody can quite agree what exactly this retooling has created, but they know they like it. Put it to Patrick Stewart that this is a straight record of the play, a nice way to preserve his Claudius in aspic, and you’ll get a suitably dismissive eyebrow-raise: …

Daily Record Interview

Exclusive: Scots star David Tennant on taking a gamble with switch to Hollywood

DR WHO star David Tennant has admitted that he could be left out in the cold if his big break in Hollywood doesn't come off.
Tennant has the chance to make his name in the States after filming the hour-long pilot for the new US legal comedy Rex Is Not Your Lawyer in which he plays an oddball Chicago attorney at law.
But he admitted his fame in Britain could mean nothing when it comes to NBC network bosses deciding whether the pilot shows enough promise to become a full series.
Following in the footsteps of stars such as fellow-Scot Ashley Jensen as he tries to make it big across the Pond, the 38-year old from Bathgate explained: "It's impossible to know what will happen with a pilot, especially in the American market, which is so different to ours and difficult to predict. But it will be an adventure if nothing else.
"These American shows could be very allconsuming and go on for years, or I mi…

LA Times Interview

Timeout with 'Doctor Who's' David Tennant

As the BBC series bids farewell to the 10th doctor, Tennant talks of his NBC pilot 'Rex Is Not Your Lawyer' and his delight 'to be going out with such a bang.'
For another two weeks, David Tennant is still the space-time-traveling Doctor in " Doctor Who," the British sci-fi series that airs here on BBC America. After a year in which the show appeared only sporadically, as a series of "specials," the end of the Tennant tenancy arrives all in a rush: "The Waters of Mars," his penultimate adventure, premieres tonight, with the two-part finale, "The End of Time," beginning Dec. 26. By the end of Part 2, which airs Jan. 2 -- and this is not a spoiler -- he will have died and regenerated into the form of his replacement, Matt Smith.
And yet in some strange quantum mechanical way, he is also already not the Doctor, having filmed his last scenes some months back. And even as he is and is…