David Named Best Dressed Man Of 2009

Readers of Hello! Magazine have voted David the Best Dressed Man Of 2009 in a recent poll.
He scored a massive 35.4% of the votes with over 10,000 people casting their vote for him!
The full list was as follows:
1. David Tennant - 35.4%
2. Daniel Craig - 23.3%
3. Jude Law - 16.8%
4. Robert Downey Jr - 15.3%
5. Robert Pattinson - 6.2%
6. Hugh Jackman - 1.3%
7. Andres Velencoso - 0.8%
8. David Beckham - 0.4%
9. Barack Obama - 0.3%
10. Brad Pitt - 0.2 %
David is also currently nominated as Most Attractive Man Of The Week on the magazine's website.
You can vote for him here.

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