The Gobetweenies: Sniffing Stevie and the Gym Horse

The second episode of The Gobetweenies, Sniffing Stevie and the Gym Horse, airs on Friday 13th May at 11:30am on BBC Radio 4.

The BBC have revealed the synopsis which you can read below:

David Tennant and Sarah Alexander star as the exes determined their marital failures will not get in the way of good parenting.
This week son Tom feels guilty about not wanting to be mates with a boy with a permanent snot bubble. The divorced pair confuse him about the morality of befriending losers. Meanwhile a visit to a tattoo parlour gives Lucy a great idea about getting some attention. Joe finds a new job and a visit to The Wellcome Institute provides Mimi with some useful information about Syphilis.
If it's Wednesday... it must be Holloway...

Cast List:
Joe ..... David Tennant

Mimi ..... Sarah Alexander

Tom ..... Finlay Christie

Lucy ..... Phoebe Abbott

Bobby ..... Stephen Critchlow

Stevie ..... Ben Baker

Ms Smart .... Morwenna Banks

Donald ..... Gordon Kennedy
Writer: Marcella Evaristi
Director: Marilyn Imrie

Producer: Gordon Kennedy

An Absolutely Production for BBC Radio 4

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