Pre-Order Link For How To Steal A Dragon's Sword

The Book Depository are now taking pre-orders on their UK site for the ninth audiobook in the Cressida Cowell How To Train Your Dragon series. How To Steal A Dragon's Sword was originally due for release in July but was postponed after David Tennant's workload meant that he had not been able to schedule in a recording date - he was still waiting for a date as recently as September. David has narrated all of the audiobooks in the series so far.

The Book Depository now give a new release date of 1st October 2013.

About the book

The story continues in the ninth volume of Hiccup's How to Train Your Dragon memoirs. Bad times have come to the Archipelago. Ever since the woods of Berserk burned down, it is almost as if the world is cursed. Dragons are starting to revolt against their Masters. The waters have risen, flooding fields and washing whole villages away. But worse still, the wicked witch Excellinor has returned. Can Hiccup find the King's Things and win the sword-fighting contest to stop Alvin the Treacherous from becoming King of the Wilderwest?


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