Pre Order Your Tenth Doctor 1:6 Scale Collector Figure - First 250 Signed By David Tennant

Exciting news for Tenth Doctor fans - Big Chief Studios Limited will be releasing a new 1:6 scale figure worldwide next Friday with the first 250 signed by David Tennant! Fans can get their hands on a figure from 6pm GMT next Thursday with an exclusive Priority Pre-order. Click here for more details.

Thanks to Gregg Andrews.


  1. Replies
    1. It will be $241.91 with shipping, but if you want the signature edition it will be $268.36 with shipping.

  2. Yes please, I want one (live size? ;-) )

  3. .... Wow , Talk about details. the action figure is very well sculpted.
    I want Him Soooo Baaaad!
    I live on the east coast of The United states of america, connecticut.
    its near impossible to get anything Doctor who around here and usually I wind up making the Items That i can myself.
    ...Going to look for the price list and the conversion rate from American Dollars to Brittish pounds.

  4. Ramona, these I guess have to be bought online to get the autographed ones (probably to get ANY of them...But have you tried comic book stores and Barnes & Noble for your DW "fix"? Also I can get DW stuff sometimes at FYE. Sure, we Americans can't get them at WalMart or anything, but there is Who stuff out there :)


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