David Tennant 'Beginning To Give Up Hope' Of Doctor Who Return

David Tennant has told Time Out London that he is beginning to give up hope of returning to Doctor Who for the show's 50th anniversary. Speaking of the celebrations he maintains his stance that he has heard nothing about appearing in the show and says he is ‘beginning to give up hope that anything’s going to happen’.

Talking of the life changes that his role as the Tenth Doctor brought he says ‘You can’t ever shrug it off, sometimes it’s a really lovely thing – even people who don’t watch the show love the idea of it. But you can’t switch it off when you’re buying a coffee and want to get home quickly, and five kids want a photograph taken.'
Though he quickly adds 'That makes it sound like a trial, and it’s not, but you can’t choose it. It’s part of the deal and it changes the practicalities of your life.’

Read the rest of the interview here.


  1. Why Moffat? Why? :( Would it not have been wonderful if permission could have been given for No.10 to be in this: http://www.bigfinish.com/releases/v/the-light-at-the-end-limited-collector-s-edition-860

  2. Dont give up David!! They gotta let you back on!! Youre too many peoples favorite Doctor!! Youre the best David!!!! <3

  3. Indeed, this does sound very suspicious. I can't imagine him ever saying something like this if he actually hadn't been asked to appear.

  4. Yes, David is the best Doctor ever. Because he is not acting, he is living.

  5. NOOO! YOU MUST RETURN! Don't give up! and when ya do, better have different converses :P

  6. Trying to get us off the scent i reckon, and hope!

  7. Don't let them get to you David! You don't need them, you are the best Doctor there has ever been! EVER!!! You should make your own AWESOME TV Series, everyone would watch it because you are AWESOME.

  8. David.
    Whether you are part of the celebrations and Stuff.
    You're always part of the Doctors History. You always will be MY doctor.
    What you done was so great, don't spoil it with that. Noone ever can celebrate 50 of Doctor who without noticing there was a Tennant Era.

    Hold on to that.
    And why the hell am i not one of the five kids xD
    lets grap a beer and I give you all my thoughts of how I always picture you as "The Doctor"

  9. I really liked 9 and 11 is fun but David Tennant, the 10th Dr. Who, will always be MY DOCTOR. He made him real. Thanks David and I am so sorry you have not been included. Someone is just jealous of your huge following.
    Big hug

  10. David is such a terrific actor, that it would be really a loss for the show not to have him (and the other Doctors as well!!) back for the anniversary!! :) David is so much more than Doctor Who (although he is MY DOCTOR and it is irreplaceable!!). No matter what, he is always amazing!!! :)

  11. This cannot be true... remember how Jenna kept quiet about being Oswin & Clara at the same time? She made us SURE OF OURSELVES! Moffat is always playing tricks on us. Don't lose hope, guys!

  12. Eccleston was my first, but David is my favorite. No Contest. C'mon David, fight! we need you for that anniversary!

  13. would love to see moffet take tennat and make a show about the 10th doctors life in the other universe have him as the new torchwood or head of that universe unit or W.H.O. alot of options if you really think about it he could be the one that the other earth depends on to remake it and save it from aliens hell he has all of the doctors knowledge he just can not leave earth to save it

  14. Moffat is having a lot of trouble pulling cohesive plots out of his head. They lack a level of theatricality that has come to be expected of the series.

    Maybe it's to be considered an honor not to be dragged back onto this burning ship?

  15. Thank you for embracing your role Tennant! You were my favorite doctor, not just because you are an incredibly talented actor, but because you love and *know* Doctor Who. It is like having a professor vs. a teacher's assistant, the teachers assistant has to learn it all but the professor knows it and knows he loves it enough to share his passion. The history of Doctor Who would not be complete without honoring you as one of its great "Doctor Who" or, as you were the first to be titled in the credits, "the doctor!"

  16. you have to come back!!! you were/are for sure my favorite Doctor! You played your role so perfectly! I really hope they consider bringing you back! It would certainly make me very happy!

  17. Doctors 9 & 10 are my favourites. They both provided great entertainment and believability to the part. I no longer watch the show as Doctor 11 just doesn't seem to be right for the part ( this is my opinion, before everyone jumps on their high horses ) and I never watched it before as it seemed too stuffy. The episodes with Christopher & David will always remain my favourites and the only ones that I watch.
    Wishing you well, whatever you choose to do

    Sue Filippi - Melbourne - Australia

  18. My favourite doctor too, David. I don´t think they realize how much you did for the role. We, your fans certainly wait for you in the celebrations, then dont give it up!!!


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