Bernard Cribbins On Filming With David Tennant In The TARDIS

Bernard Cribbins, the star of two versions of Doctor Who, has been talking to SciFiNow ahead of the release of Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150AD on Blu-ray next Monday. Bernard played Tom Campbell in the 1966 film based on the TV series which starred Peter Cushing as human scientist and inventor Dr. Who.

Bernard, who is celebrating 70 years in showbusiness this year, is best known to present day Doctor Who fans as Wilfred Mott, grandfather to the Tenth Doctor's companion Donna Noble (Catherine Tate). Bernard told SciFiNow of the day that he stepped back into the TARDIS during the filming of David Tennant's swansong The End Of Time.

"There was a funny moment there, which made me laugh at the time," he said. "David and I had to get into the TARDIS on the series and I’d never been in there as Wilfred before. So he said “In you go,” closes the door, and the director outside said “OK, cut, that’s a print,” and before we go I said to David, “Do you know the first time I was in this thing was in 1966?” And he looked at me and said “I wasn’t even born then.” He really was astonished at the connection. Amazing."

Sadly Bernard won't be appearing in the 50th Anniversary Special, although he couldn't confirm whether or not he would be involved in the celebrations somehow. However, he did comment on why he thought that Doctor Who was still popular after 50 years:

"It’s an adventure story and you don’t know what’s going to happen. And they keep switching Doctors which helps anyway! It’s what they call hokum in America, and it’s beautifully cooked, which is great."


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