Paul O'Grady: I'm Still Waiting For My Trousers Back From David Tennant

Presenter Paul O'Grady is still waiting for the return of a pair of trousers he lent to David Tennant over two and a half years ago.

Paul lent David a pair of his jeans following his appearance on The Paul O'Grady Show in the autumn of 2010 to promote the BBC drama Single Father. During the appearance Paul gave David one of his pet micropigs to hold on set - with unfortunate consequences. Animal-lover Paul told BANG Showbiz:

"I remember when we had David Tennant and micro pigs on the show. I gave him one and of course his pig weed like a fire hose and he was soaked. I had to lend him my jeans to go home - the next time I see him I'll ask him where they are.
"I didn't notice them in 'Broadchurch' so they are probably in the TARDIS hanging off!"

View David's pig-handling prowess, a few minutes before 'the incident', below:


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