GERMANY: Einstein And Eddington To Air On Sky Atlantic In June

Viewers in Germany can see the 2008 BBC / HBO co-production Einstein And Eddington starring David Tennant, Andy Serkis and Jim Broadbent. The one-off drama explores the relationship between two of the greatest minds of the twentieth century whose combined knowledge re-wrote long held scientific theory, despite their own lack of contact enforced by political turmoil and war.

Einstein und Eddington
Cambridge, 1914: Der renommierte Physiker Sir Oliver Lodge (Jim Broadbent, Cloud Atlas) erfährt aus Regierungskreisen, das deutsche Militär messe einem gewissen Albert Einstein (Andy Serkis) große Bedeutung zu. Lodge bittet den jungen Kollegen Arthur Eddington (David Tennant), sich dessen Arbeiten anzusehen. Während das deutsche Oberkommando beschließt, Einsteins Erkenntnisse hätten keinen Wert für sie, begreift Eddington deren Bedeutung. Er nimmt gegen die Kriegsvorschriften Kontakt auf und beschließt, Einsteins allgemeine Relativitätstheorie zu belegen und damit Newtons Gravitationslehre zu revidieren. Die Gelegenheit dafür kommt 1919...

Einstein and Eddington
Cambridge, 1914: The renowned physicist Sir Oliver Lodge (Jim Broadbent, Cloud Atlas) learns from the government that the German military hold a certain Albert Einstein (Andy Serkis) in high regard. Lodge asks his young colleague Arthur Eddington (David Tennant) to take a look at his work. While the German High Command decides that Einstein's findings are of no value to them, Eddington alone understands their meaning. He goes against the war rules on contact, and decides to prove Einstein's theory of general relativity, and thus to revise Newton's theory of gravitation. An opportunity to do this is coming in 1919 ...

Einstein And Eddington will be shown on Sky Atlantic on Friday 6th June at 21.00

Read more about the drama here


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