Watch Out For What We Did On Our Holiday Says The Daily Mail

Baz Bamigboye of the Daily Mail says that David Tennant's new family film, What We Did On Our Holiday, is one to watch out for. 
He says in his column today:

Watch Out For...
Rosamund Pike, David Tennant and Billy Connolly, who star in What We Did On Our Holiday, a beautifully observed comedy-drama from Guy Jenkin and Andy Hamilton, the creators of Outnumbered. 
It’s heart-warming, joyous and quite courageous, in that it works purely through character development. You grow to like the people involved — and the film doesn’t depend on special effects, or entire towns being destroyed. And there’s only one loo joke.
I stand corrected. There are special effects, in the shape of children played by Harriet Turnbull, Bobby Smallbridge and Emilia Jones.
Rosamund and David play their parents, and all five go on a holiday to Scotland, where grandfather Connolly is about to celebrate his 70th birthday.

All the performances are spot on. Connolly is at the top of his game, underplaying sublimely and giving the most heartfelt performance of his career. Pike and Tennant are like two cats in a sack, going at each other whenever they can, but they don’t overdo it. Their timing is flawless. 
What We Did On Our Holiday is not opening till September 26, which  I thought was daft until I remembered that, before then, the nation trots off on its own summer hols. But it’s worth waiting for: a tiny, well-cut gem. The rarest kind.

Find out more about What We Did On Our Holiday on our website here


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