VIDEO: Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor Comic #1 In Stores Next Week

The first issue of Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor, a brand new fully authorised comic book range from Titan Comics, is released next week in print and digital format.

The new adventure features the Twelfth Doctor as played by Peter Capaldi with his companion Clara Oswald as played by Jenna Coleman.

After a thousand years of war on the planet Trenzalore, the Doctor regenerated into a brand-new incarnation!

Clara struggled at first to reconcile the Doctor’s new face with that of her closest friend, but the pair are now back in the saddle of cosmic adventure, even if this new Doctor is a brusquer and more unpredictable – the kind of Doctor who wishes people would just get out of his way and let him get on with the business of saving them!

Written by Robbie Morrison with art by Dave Taylor, coloured by Hi-Fi and original cover art by Alice X Zhang, the adventure sees the Doctor and Clara landing on Isen VI, only to discover that the giant snowball of a planet is now a tropical paradise. The Doctor's suspicions of outside interference are justified when he discovers that the plants and wildlife around them have been artificially created. It's the work of Kano Dollar, one of the richest humans in the galaxy, who has engineered the planet especially for his bride-to-be. But something has gone wrong with the process and before long the Doctor and Clara are deep underground investigating the source of a signal. But what they find could spell the end of the Universe.

Check out a trailer here:

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #1 is on sale on Wednesday 15th October 

To buy your copy:
UK: buy through Forbidden Planet - the store will also ship worldwide
Buy as a digital download through ComiXology

Look out for the variant covers too - check out the Forbidden Planet range or see if your local store has released their own.


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