VIDEO: GRACEPOINT - Have You Already Met Danny's Killer?

In the town of Gracepoint everyone is a friend...and a suspect.

With one episode gone in the new Fox TV drama it's time to ask whether we have already been introduced to the killer of young Danny Solano.

Gracepoint is a ten-part event series from Fox following the hunt for the killer of a young boy in a small Californian town. It's based on the original UK series Broadchurch and shares a star in David Tennant, but even if you've already watched that drama, don't be so sure that you can predict the killer. The producers of Gracepoint say that they have added new twists and a new ending.

A new clip from Fox reminds us about some of the characters who might fall under suspicion over the next few weeks:

And don't forget the characters that don't appear in the clip. There's the rest of Danny's family - his mother Beth and sister Chloe, Jack Reinhold, leader of his wildlife group, ambitious journalist Renee Clemons, forensics expert Hugo Garcia and detective Emmett Carver himself, played by David Tennant.

If you think you have some ideas from the first episode, head on over to where you can vote for your main suspect. In the coming weeks you'll be able to revisit some of the major clues and share your theories with other Gracepoint fans.

Just remember - don't rule anyone out!

Gracepoint continues on Fox on Thursday 9th October at 9pm/8c


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