VIDEO: GRACEPOINT Episode 5 Talking Point - Jacki Weaver On Susan Wright

Australian star Jacki Weaver describes her character in the ten-part Fox TV event series Gracepoint. The complex loner Susan Wright appears to be harbouring a big secret, one which she will go to great lengths to keep quiet, including making terrible threats to newspaper editor Kathy Eaton (Alisen Down). 

She's got to be a very disturbed person who is either a sociopath herself or who has been through some terrible, terrible events that have made her a really ghastly woman," she says.

Watch the clip here:

Gracepoint, also starring David Tennant and Anna Gunn, follows the hunt for the killer of a twelve-year old boy in the small town where anyone could be a suspect.

Gracepoint continues on Fox in the USA and Global in Canada on Thursday 6th November at 9pm ET.
It also airs at 8.30pm on Friday 7th November on the Universal Channel in Australia.


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