OUT TODAY: Doctor Who - The Tenth Doctor #6 By Titan Comics

Issue #6 of Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor by Titan Comics will is released in print and digital form today. The officially licensed series follows the adventures of the Doctor, as portrayed on screen by David Tennant, in the period following Donna Noble's return to her family. 

Robbie Morrison and Daniel Indro take over story and art duties respectively at the start of a new story arc that sees the Doctor and his current travelling companion arrive in the trenches of World War I and face one of the Doctor's most feared foes.

Story By: Robbie Morrison 
Art By: Daniel Indro
Colours By: Slamet Mujiono
Cover A By: Tommy Lee Edwards


When Gabby and the Doctor arrive by accident in No Man’s Land in July, 1916, they’re met by Corporal Jamie Colqhoun – a soldier who knows from bitter experience that there are worse things than the Jerries out in the rat-strewn trenches.
Things that drift through the smoke of a thousand cannon shells, and move only when you look away. Shadows that flit over artillery-blasted field hospitals and throw their terrifying wings over the living. Statues that steal your life in an instant.

The Weeping Angels.

But in a conflict where the life of young men is cheap, and thousands die every day – are the Angels actually offering salvation?
Trapped in the midst of a flock of starving Angels, the Doctor faces his most challenging and terrifying moral dilemma yet!

An accidental diversion lands the Doctor and Gabby in the middle of the Somme during the Great War, which is not, as the Doctor solemnly intones, humanity's finest hour. But as ever the TARDIS has a way of taking the Doctor to exactly where he needs to be. In this instance an additional danger faces the troops already beleaguered by the trials of the trenches and it is one that hides in abundance in the graveyards and village squares of the shattered country - the statues are perfect cover for the Angels to pick off their prey. In slate greys, blues and moss greens, artists Indro and Mujiono capture the washed-out despair of the conflict and Morrison's narrative introduces the Weeping Angels in a pair of creepy encounters. Of course the Doctor finds trouble straight away. Caught in the shelling, he is wounded and he and Gabby are picked up as spies. But it's not until they encounter a soldier who has taken genuinely horrific measures to ward off the threat that he's witnessed does the Doctor suspect that he is up against something quite deadly. 

The issue is on sale worldwide now in print and digital forms.
To buy your copy:
UK: buy through Forbidden Planet - the store will also ship worldwide
Buy as a digital download through ComiXology


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