VIDEO: David Tennant On Another Doctor Who Return: "I Think You Have To Ration These Things"

David Tennant hasn't ruled out another return to Doctor Who - but don't hold your breath waiting for him to put the pinstripe suit back on. Talking to Digital Spy backstage at the National Television Awards he said, "I think you have to ration these things. It's great fun for me to go back and do an anniversary show but it's probably got to be at least ten years before that happens again, I think."

He also addressed those Hannibal rumours:
"I think this is talked about by other people more than by myself and Bryan [Fuller], but I do talk to Bryan who runs the show," he said. "I would love to work with him at some point."

David was presented with the Special Recognition Award by his good friends The Proclaimers after watching an emotional video featuring tributes by his friends and family.

Watch the video here:


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