VIDEO: Pets - Wild At Heart Episode 2 Preview Clips Narrated By David Tennant

David Tennant narrates clips from the second episode of Pets - Wild At Heart which airs on Wednesday 28th January 2015. The stunning animal documentary created by John Downer productions uses innovative camera techniques to explain how the behaviour of our pets reveals their innate instincts.

In the first clip, a feisty little hamster stages a great escape from his cage.

In the second clip Schlieren photography reveals the remarkable way in which dogs’ noses gather scent as David tells a tale of unrequited doggy love.

In the third clip, an orphaned puppy is adopted by a cat and he has to learn the etiquette of fitting in with his new kitten siblings

Watch part 2 of Pets - Wild At Heart: Secretive Creatures on Wednesday 28th January at 8pm GMT on BBC One.


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