Marvel's Jessica Jones - How To Watch In The UK

Since it was announced that David Tennant would be taking on the role of supervillain Kilgrave on Marvel's Netflix series A.K.A Jessica Jones, we have received many enquiries from fans in the UK wondering whether it will be made available to view over here.

Fortunately it does look like the thirteen-episode online series will be released on Netflix UK as well. A.K.A Jessica Jones is the second of four planned comicbook adaptations produced by Marvel Television and ABC Studios. The first of these, Daredevil, starring UK actor Charlie Cox, will be arriving on the UK version of Netflix on April 10th, in line with the US release. Although not actually named yet on the UK release schedule, Marvel plan to release the A.K.A Jessica Jones later in 2015. 

The two other adaptations in the series, Luke Cage and Iron Fist will follow approximately a year apart and there are plans for them to lead into a Defenders movie.

At the moment there is no information about DVD releases either in the USA or UK.

A.K.A Jessica Jones stars Krysten Ritter in the lead role as a former superhero whose career has a tragic end and who reinvents herself as a private detective specialising in cases involving people with special powers. David Tennant plays Kilgrave, also known as The Purple Man, a villainous and enigmatic figure from Jessica's past whose reappearance is set to cause turmoil. The cast also includes Mike Colter, Carrie-Anne Moss and Rachael Turner. Although details of the series are shrouded in secrecy, it has been said that the adaptations will be in a darker vein than Marvel's current cinematic output.

A.K.A Jessica Jones has been developed by Twilight writer Melissa Rosenberg and has just gone into production in New York.


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