BELGIUM: Gracepoint Starring David Tennant Concludes On La Trois Tonight

The US drama Gracepoint comes to its gripping conclusion on French language channel La Trois in Belgium tonight. David Tennant stars as Californian detective Emmett Carver who, together with his colleague Ellie Miller (Anna Gunn) is closing in on the killer of a young boy in a small town.

Gracepoint is a remake of the UK drama Broadchurch which also starred David Tennant. It aired on FOX TV in the USA late last year.

La Trois

Episode 9, 22:25
La santé de Carver se détériore rapidement au moment où son supérieur lui donne vingt-quatre heures pour démasquer l'assassin de Danny.

Episode 10, 23:10
Les détectives Carver et Miller touchent au but, ils parviennent enfin à mettre la main sur l'assassin de Danny Solano.

Episode 9, 22:25
Carver’s health deteriorates rapidly to the point where his superior gives him twenty-four hours to unmask Danny’s murderer.

Episode 10, 23:10
Detectives Carver and Miller achieve their goal, they finally manage to get their hands on Danny Solano’s killer.

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