Dolphins: Spy In The Pod Receives Televisual Bulldog Award Nomination

The nominations for the 11th annual Televisual Bulldog Awards were announced yesterday and the David Tennant-narrated programme Dolphins: Spy In The Pod is shortlisted for the Specialist Factual Award. The two part documentary from John Downer Productions uses innovative filming techniques and a variety of spy-cams to get up close.

Dolphins: Spy In The Pod
A new generation of spy cameras enter the dolphins’ world shedding light on the hidden lives of the cleverest animals in the ocean. This time all the cameras are designed as ‘Spy Creatures’ most with cameras for eyes. They include Spy Dolphin, Spy Nautilus, Spy Turtle and a variety of other denizens of the deep. Working alongside the human dive team, they captured the most intimate views of dolphins that had ever been captured and filmed an array of new and remarkable behaviour.

The series originally aired on BBC One in January 2014.

The Televisual Bulldog Awards are voted for by members of the UK TV production community who subscribe to the online Televisual magazine. The winners of this year's 18 categories will be announced at an awards ceremony held at The Hospital Club, London in June. 


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