DENMARK: Spies Of Warsaw Starring David Tennant Airs On DRK Tonight

The two-part mini series Spies Of Warsaw airs tonight on DRK in Denmark from 20:45. David Tennant plays Jean-François Mercier, an aristocratic French spy based in Warsaw in the 1930s in the thrilling drama based on the wartime novels of Alan Furst. Janet Montgomery, Marcin Dorocinski and Burn Gorman also star. 

Spioner i Warszawa

DRK, 20.45
1:2 - September 1937. Jean-François Mercier er nyudnævnt militærattache ved den franske ambassade i Warszawa. Verden står på randen af krig, og byen syder af rygter og intriger. Med livet som indsats forsøger Mercier at afsløre Nazitysklands planer. Samtidig indleder han en lidenskabelig affære med en fransk-polsk kvinde, der arbejder som jurist for Folkeforbundet.

2:2 - Marts 1938. Med livet som indsats forsøger den franske spion Jean-François Mercier at afsløre Nazitysklands krigsplaner. Det lykkes ham at undslippe sine tyske kidnappere, og nu sætter han kurs mod Tjekkoslovakiet for at opspore en dobbeltagent, der måske kan gøre ham klogere på tyskernes hensigter.

Spies Of Warsaw
DRK, 20.45

1:2 - September 1937. Jean-François Mercier is the newly appointed military attaché at the French Embassy in Warsaw. The world stands on the brink of war, and the city is a hive of rumours and intrigue. Risking his life Mercier attempts to reveal Nazi Germany's plans. At the same time he embarks upon a passionate affair with a French-Polish woman working as a lawyer for the League of Nations.

2:2 - March 1938. With his life in danger the French spy Jean-François Mercier discovers Nazi Germany's war plans. He manages to escape his German captors, and now he sets sail for Czechoslovakia to track down a double agent, who might enlighten him about the Germans' intentions.

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