FINLAND: Episode 2 Of The Politician's Husband Airs On YLE TV1 Tonight

David Tennant stars in the second episode of the three-part BBC drama The Politician’s Husband (Poliitikon aviomies) on YLE TV 1 in Finland tonight. David plays former cabinet minister Aiden Hoynes in Paula Milne’s series exploring the struggle for power in a political marriage. Emily Watson, Ed Stoppard and Jack Shepherd also star.

The Politician’s Husband
YLE TV1, 21:50

Driven by a desire to avenge his own downfall, Aiden plots against his old friend Bruce. He is also spending more time at home looking after the children and particularly their Asperger's son, Noah. As he sits on the side-lines watching his wife's meteoric rise, Aiden is increasingly consumed with jealousy and paranoia. Unable to accept his wife's new-found success or forgive her betrayal, Aiden begins to plot Freya's downfall as well as Bruce's.


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