OUT TODAY: Doctor Who - The Tenth Doctor #9 From Titan Comics

Issue 9 of the Titan Comics / BBC Worldwide series Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor is available in print in comic stores and online as a digital comic on from today. The series follows the further adventures of the Tenth Doctor, as portrayed on screen by David Tennant, and his latest companion, feisty New Yorker Gabby Gonzalez.

Issue 9 concludes the story arc The Weeping Angels Of Mons, written by Robbie Morrison with artwork by Daniel Indro and Slamet Mujiono. Additional artwork is provided by Arianna Florean and Elena Casagrande.

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor
Issue #9 - The Weeping Angels Of Mons Pt. 4
The battlefields of World War I are haunted by the Weeping Angels, starving and underpowered – but still deadly – creatures preying on the lives of soldiers whose potential futures have been cut abruptly short.
The Weeping Angels have captured the TARDIS – and are moving it through the mining tunnels dug beneath the trenches!
To reclaim it, Gabby, Jamie, the Doctor, and the soldiers under the Doctor’s reluctant command must head into the one place they hoped never to go... into tunnels where it’s always dark and you can never see around the next bend...!

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #9 is available through comic book stores in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia and in limited quantities in the UK and Europe.

For online purchases visit the Titan Comics website.

See a preview of the artwork below:


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