PHOTOS: David Tennant Filming Marvel's Jessica Jones

More photos have emerged of David Tennant and his fellow cast members on the set of the new Netflix series Marvel's A.K.A. Jessica Jones. David is currently shooting the show on location in New York. 

David plays Kilgrave, a dark figure from the eponymous Jones' past who is set to reappear and cause shockwaves through her world. Krysten Ritter stars as Jessica, a former superhero who hung up her cape following a tragedy and instead opened a detective agency in New York. The cast also includes Mike Colter as Luke Cage and Rachael Taylor as Trish 'Patsy' Walker, along with Carrie-Anne Moss and Eka Darville. 

Check out filming photos of David Tennant, Krysten Ritter and Mike Colter here:

The thirteen episode series A.K.A Jessica Jones is the second of five proposed Marvel adaptations due to hit Netflix over the next few years. The first, Daredevil, starring Charlie Cox as the blind lawyer turned crimefighter and Vincent d'Onofrio as his adversary Fisk, was released worldwide last week. Mike Colter will go on to star in his own series, Marvel's Luke Cage which will begin filming shortly for a 2016 release; this will be followed by Iron Fist and a Defenders miniseries.

The comic book version of David's character was a former spy who developed his superpowers following contact with a nerve gas. He found he had the ability to control minds through the production of pheromones, a power he then used to embark on a life of crime. The toxin also had the effect of colouring his skin purple, giving him the nickname The Purple Man. In the source comic book series Alias, Kilgrave abducts Jessica and subjects her to months of abuse leaving her mentally scarred. The on set pictures seen here and also over the weekend show a normal-hued David, so whether the distinctive skin colour will be a feature of his character or not has been the subject of great speculation: will he retain his normal skin colour and just have a predilection for purple clothes, is he using make up or mind control to disguise himself, has he not yet developed his powers or will the colouring be added later via CGI? Fans will have a little while to wait yet to find the answer as the series is not due for release on Netflix until December 2015.

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Source: Radio Times


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