NEW ZEALAND: Spies Of Warsaw Episode 1 Airs On UKTV Tonight

David Tennant stars in the wartime drama Spies Of Warsaw which begins on UKTV in New Zealand tonight (Friday 8th May). He plays Colonel Jean-Francois Mercier, the French military attaché stationed in Warsaw in 1937 in a two-part adaptation of the novels of Alan Furst. Janet Montgomery, Marcin Dorocinski, Burn Gorman and Anton Lesser also star.

Spies Of Warsaw
Episode 1
Friday 8th May, 9.40pm, UKTV
A German engineer arrives in Warsaw. Tonight he will be with his Polish mistress, tomorrow at a workers bar in the city's factory district to meet with Colonel Mercier in a backstreet cafe. Information is exchanged for money.
Mercier loathes the niceties of ambassadorial lunches, cocktail parties and banquets of a world not yet at war, but one in which the drums of war can be heard ever more insistently in the background. However, they take on an altogether more interesting dimension when he meets the enigmatic and beautiful Anna Skarbek.
While secretly observing panzer exercises in the Black Forest, Mercier sees a simple trick performed with a length of pipe strapped across a car and draws his own conclusions about exactly what it is the Germans are planning.
When the Nazis find out what he's been doing, his own life becomes their target.

The mini-series concludes at the same time next week.


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