PHOTO - The Tenth Doctor Completes THAT Sentence: "Rose Tyler..." (With Video)

"...And I suppose it's my last chance to say it...Rose Tyler..."

It's the sentence that viewers of the Series 2 finale Doomsday were waiting to hear. But as the Tenth Doctor hesitated he ran out of time and the words were left unheard by Rose while fans were left screaming in frustration at their TV screens.

Now, thanks to the Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia, attended by both David Tennant and Billie Piper, and a fan with a very particular autograph request, that missing line has, at least, been committed to paper.

The fan, Scott, a.k.a. @worldchmps on Twitter asked David and Billie to complete the lines on his autographed photo.  He told us that Billie wrote her part quite quickly but David was more hesitant, and added:
"They make a big deal about never saying the line. Not even during the q&a. Said they loved each other personally."
So, it might not be strictly canon but David and Billie said it in the end!

And to remind you, here's the scene, voted #1 greatest moment in sci-fi, horror and fantasy by SFX magazine readers:



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