VIDEO: Ten Years Of New Who - Doctor Who Series 1-8 Trailer

A new trailer from BBC Doctor Who looks back at ten years since the relaunch of the iconic UK series in 2005. For the last decade viewers globally have been on a thrilling ride through space and time in the company of the enigmatic Doctor for whom danger and adventure are never far away. Now, with the series about to hit new TV screens around the world the trailer gives new audiences a taste of what to expect.

The Doctor is able to change his face to cheat death and the 90 second clip takes a look at all four actors who have portrayed the Time Lord since his return to TV screens in his ninth incarnation: from Christopher Eccleston who relaunched the series through David Tennant and Matt Smith to the current star, Peter Capaldi.

The Adventure Begins...
New audiences around the world are set to experience Doctor Who for the first time over the next few weeks

Viewers in India are set to get initiated into the world of Doctor Who when all eight series of the iconic British show blaze onto their screens. Tomorrow (15th May), Doctor Who launches on FX, starting with the premiere episode Rose, starring Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper and continuing with a new episode every weeknight at 9pm.

Meanwhile Doctor Who has materialised on Disney XD in North America. The channel has acquired David Tennant's episodes as the Tenth Doctor (seasons 2-4) and will be holding a week-long launch event starting from 13th June.


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