Doctor Who: Legacy Game Announces Version 3.0 And New Features

The brilliant team behind the award-winning Doctor Who: Legacy mobile game have been in touch to reveal their latest plans for this year.

As the Whovian world eagerly anticipates the launch of season 9 of Doctor Who on TV, the Legacy team announce two massive treats on their way. 

First of all there’s the upcoming launch of 3.0 of the game due in mid-August. Then, on top of that the new version will be followed by weekly live content updates alongside the television series. The team is currently working closely with the BBC Doctor Who brand team and BBC Worldwide to prepare for the new series with plans to release allies, costumes, enemies and levels based around the upcoming TV season the same weekend as the new episode airs.

Another new feature arriving with version 3.0 is the "Sonic Adventures" story arc, led by the First Doctor and including characters Donna Noble, Mickey Smith, River Song and introducing the Third Doctor's companion, Jo Grant.  Players will be able to collect many of the sonic devices and gadgets from over the years of Doctor Who.  

Also added will be "Doctor Who: Legacy Kids", a special dedicated area for the youngest Doctor Who fans, inspired by the popular "Anna's Playground" levels which were created for the child of one of the game’s fans.  

Doctor Who: Legacy, played by nearly 2 million Whovians, has now over 80 hours of playable content and includes all 13 Doctors, over 140 playable allies and companions, enemies from both modern and classic Doctor Who, and extended universe content from Big Finish, Titan Comics, and George Mann’s Engines of War novel as well as the Bigger on the Inside 8-bit style retro adventure.

Visit to find out how to download the app and to join the community. 


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