PHOTOS: Marvel & Netflix Release First Pictures From The Jessica Jones Miniseries (Spoiler Alert)

Marvel and Netflix have released the first official images from their upcoming thirteen part series Marvel's Jessica Jones. Sadly there's no David Tennant in sight - he takes the role of supervillain Zebediah Kilgrave in the adaptation of the Brian Michael Bendis MarvelMAX comic book series Alias - but instead we get to see two of the Defenders in action - the titular Jessica and her love interest Luke Cage.

Those who saw the recent on-set video footage filmed during a night shoot in New York will know that there are some explosive scenes ahead when the series premieres on Netflix this autumn. The photos seem to show the consequences of the massive explosion that destroys a bar where Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) is blown backwards by the blast and Luke Cage (Mike Colter) emerges on fire. According to the comic books, Cage, soon to be the subject of his own Marvel miniseries, has unbreakable skin and appears to survive the explosion. Marvel have given no indication of who might be behind the explosion (Kilgrave himself perhaps?) or when in the series it occurs.

Marvel's Jessica Jones follows the fortunes of the former superhero Jewel who has retired her secret identity following a tragic event. She now runs a private detective agency in New York's Hell's Kitchen, specialising in cases involving the superpowered. However, a dark shadow is soon to be cast over her world when a figure from her past reappears. The series is the second in four planned Marvel adaptations exclusively for Netflix and follows the much acclaimed Daredevil onto the streaming service. Luke Cage and Iron Fist are due in 2016, ahead of an eight-part Defenders miniseries. 

Marvel's Jessica Jones is executive produced by Melissa Rosenberg for Marvel Television and ABC Studios and will be released onto Netflix later this year. 


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