REVIEW: 96 Ways To Say I Love You

Last weekend saw the US premiere of the Daisy Aitkens short, 96 Ways To Say I Love You, at the Downtown Film Festival in LA and the 11 minute film is packed with laughs and was warmly received by the audience at the Regent Theater.

The action centers around Olive and Al, a couple played by Georgia Moffett (who also produces the film) and Joel Fry with perfect comic timing, as they attempt  to say 'I love you' for the first time. As they build up to saying the all important three little words they turn to friends, played by an excellent little supporting cast, for advice. As well as laughs you can feel yourself squirm with embarrassment along with them as they suffer the sometimes awkward moments that happen in relationships. Georgia Moffett is on fine form and you can see that she is perfectly suited to comedy roles. Joel Fry is of course well known for his comedic skills and the ex White Van Man co stars complement each other perfectly as a very believable couple.

David Tennant is, as we all know, a superb comic actor and he doesn't fail to impress as he teams up with his equally impressive former Casanova co star Nina Sosanya to play 'perfect' couple Mark and Lily. Their seemingly wonderful 4 year relationship quickly begins to disintegrate as an overbearing Lily shuts down her lover leaving the audience in pleats of laughter.

The third couple Matt and Helen played by Matthew Wilson and Helen Carter have been together for 8 years and it seems to have been a long 8 years for long suffering  Matt as he contends with  Helen’s incessant babbling.

As well as big laughs the film also provides a little poignancy with the character of the widow Mary wonderfully played by Anne Queensberry who has previously starred with David Tennant in the short Sweetnightgoodheart.

All in all this is a well written and delightfully funny little film which would benefit from a wider distribution perhaps online via iTunes.


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