VIDEO: Dramatic On Set Footage From The Jessica Jones Shoot (Spoilers)

Blog site East Village Today have posted a short video clip of some of the dramatic action taking place on the shoot of Marvel's Jessica Jones. The scene, which was shot on July 7th, has spoiler potential, so you may not want to read further or watch the clip if you don't want to know any plot details in advance.

Marvel's Jessica Jones is a thirteen part Netflix exclusive series inspired by the MarvelMAX comic book series Alias by Brian Michael Bendis. The show stars Breaking Bad's Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, a former superhero who has retired following a traumatic incident to open a detective agency in New York's Hell's Kitchen. David Tennant co-stars as Zebediah Killgrave, a former espionage agent and a shady figure from Jessica's past who possesses the power of mind control. Mike Colter also appears as Jessica's love interest, the superpowered Luke Cage. The series is the second in four planned Defenders adaptations, following Daredevil which premiered in April.

The night shoot took place outside Vazac's Horseshoe Bar on Avenue B and East 7th Street and involved Krysten Ritter's character, the eponymous Jessica Jones, here played by her stunt double. After several hours of setting up, the crew filmed a one-off explosion where 'Jessica' is yanked into crash mats to simulate her being blown backwards by the force of the blast.

Watch the clip here:

Yesterday, set pictures emerged showing Krysten Ritter splattered with fake blood, while other shots appeared to show David Tennant as Killgrave in a heated confrontation with Colter's Luke Cage. The writer of East Village Today states that last night's shoot was a wrap for the series in that area; however that does not preclude filming continuing in other locations or in the studio. 

Marvel's Jessica Jones is due to premiere on Netflix in October and as with Daredevil, all thirteen episodes will be released on the same day.

Source: East Village Today


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