Be Part Of Our Ten Years Of The Tenth Doctor Project!

To celebrate the fact that this year is ten years since David Tennant made his debut as the Tenth Doctor we will be compiling a book of fan art, fan messages and general lovedom to give David as a gift.
Here's what we need you guys to do:
(You don't have to do every single thing, this is just a guideline, though if you want to do it all, that's fine too!)

What does the Tenth Doctor mean to you?
We want your stories on how the Tenth Doctor and his adventures affected you. How you became and a fan what you thought of David's time on Doctor Who.
You can also leave messages for this on Facebook here

What was your favourite episode and why? 
We hope to have a different section dedicated to each and every episode of the show that David starred in so we need to know all about your favourite episodes and why you loved them so much.

Fan Art
Got some David releated Doctor fan art? We want it! Again we'd love to have at least one piece for every episode of the show, so if you can help us out on that, that would be amazing!

Are you a poet and you know it? See what I did there. We'd love your poetry to include in the book.

Once you have your submission ready to go you need to email it to
You need to ensure that you mark the email DAVID'S DOCTOR WHO BOOK in the header.

All entries for the book MUST be received by 1st November 2015.

Thanks :)


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