USA: BBC America Reveals 'The Doctor's Finest' - The Essential Doctor Who Episodes

As part of the run up to Season 9 of Doctor Who, premiering on September 19, BBC America is looking back at the best of the series’ modern era with a curated collection of handpicked episodes, including four starring David Tennant in the role of the Time Lord. 

Over six weeks, starting from Saturday 15th August, Hannah Hart will host The Doctor's Finest: some of the most essential Doctor Who episodes presented with new material, including interviews with the show’s cast and creators, fan insight, and a look at how each episode fits into the canon of the Whovian universe. Series guests include Ingrid Oliver (Osgood on Doctor Who), comedian Sara Schaefer, Mythbusters host Grant Imahara, actor Jimmy Wong,  and Charlie McDonnell, filmmaker, vlogger and leader of Whovian band Chameleon Circuit. Fans will also get an exclusive look into the future with previews from the upcoming new season. The Doctor’s Finest begins Saturday, August 15, 8:00pm ET with the Season 3 episode Blink. 

The chosen episodes star David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and are :

Saturday 15th August
8/7c – Blink
9:15/8:15c – The Waters of Mars

Saturday 22nd August
8/7c – The End of Time

Saturday 29th August 
8/7c – Vincent and the Doctor
9:15/8:15c – The Doctor’s Wife

Saturday 5th September
8/7c – The Day of the Doctor

Saturday 12th September
8/7c – The Time of the Doctor

Friday 18th September
8/7c – Deep Breath

Readers in the USA can see a trailer here:


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