COMIC RELEASE: Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Issue #2.2 - The Adventures Continue

The second year of new adventures with the Tenth Doctor continue as Titan Comics releases the latest instalment in their ongoing comics series.

The new adventures see the Tenth Doctor, as portrayed onscreen by David Tennant, paired with new companion Gabby Gonzalez, a budding artist from New York. From the grim trenches of World War I to a paradise planet populated by beings that are only perceived as music, the Doctor and Gabby have travelled together through space and time, facing foes old and new.

The second year of adventures sees Nick Abadzis take on sole writing duties while artwork will be shared by Eleonara Calini and Elena Casagrande. 

Writer: Nick Abadzis, Artist: Eleonora Carlini

It's chaos aboard Presley Station, as the corrupted Shan'tee - conceptual beings from a different order of reality - prey on the human colonists, while on the gas giant below, vast storms conjure up winds of horrifying speed -- that threaten to tear the Station apart! Caught in the middle of the chaos: the Doctor and Gabby! Can the Doctor find the counter-melody that brings peace back to the Station? And can the ever-humming Gabby keep herself from singing - to stop her mind being invaded by a sentient song?!

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Cindy makes up her mind... And in deep space, an old face comes calling...!

The issue is available now in comic stores in America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and in selected stores in other countries. It can also be downloaded digitally from ComiXology.

For more information visit the Titan Comics website.

Check out a preview here:


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