VIDEO: David Tennant Chats Jessica Jones, Doctor Who & More On AOL BUILD

David Tennant stopped by AOL BUILD today ahead of the world premiere of Marvel's Jessica Jones to chat with Ricky Camilleri about his new series and many of his past projects. The half hour conversation touched upon his time as the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who, the phenomenon of Broadchurch and some of David's more horrific auditions.

During the interview David told Ricky:
  • He was quite up for being painted purple for Kilgrave but the producers had already made the decision not to go that way
  • He was offered the part without an audition, via a late night phone call just before the end of 2014, asking him if he would be interested in playing a Marvel villian
  • He feels there's a great pressure to pass on Doctor Who intact for the next generation - but it's also a huge privilege to be able to do so
  • If Kilgrave had a theme song it would be Prince's Sexy M.F. - even though Kilgrave isn't half as sexy as he thinks he is!
  • He reckons they got hold of every single purple suit in Manhattan to clothe the sharply-dressed Kilgrave
  • David has had some terrible auditions, including one for HBO's Rome which lasted all of 35 seconds
  • David once turned down an audition where he would have had to be naked and improvise with his prospective co-star
If you missed the live stream there's no need to worry as the whole interview is now available on the AOL BUILD site

David Tennant stars as supervillain Kilgrave in Marvel's Jessica Jones, an evil, immoral man with the power of mind control. The series follows a former super hero, played by Krysten Ritter, forced into retirement following great trauma at the hands of KIlgrave. When she learns her formr tormentor is returning to pick up where he left off, she has to go all out to prevent him from harming anyone else.

Marvel's Jessica Jones launches on Netflix on Friday 20th November at 12.01am PST/8.01am GMT


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