Quick Quotes: In Conversation With David Tennant At BAFTA New York

Last Night saw David Tennant appear at an exclusive BAFTA New York event, In Conversation With David Tennant, in the city.  The event is the latest in a series held by BAFTA which focuses on the very best of British talent and was open only to members of BAFTA. However a video of the chat will be uploaded at a later date.

Here's a selection of quick quotes from the chat, thanks to @BAFTANY

"It's best if your first experience of Shakespeare is in performance because that's how it's meant to be." - David Tennant on the Bard.

"Oh god you're getting dangerously close about asking me about process" - David Tennant on @ethanalter's question on physicality.

"Filming is about getting that moment once truthfully...you just need that one killer take" - David Tennant on film vs. theater

"One you have to talk loudly and one you don't." - David Tennant on some of the differences between film and theater.

"I remember just looking around and thinking OK I'll just figure out how this works." - David Tennant on his first TV role.

"When you've grown up with something, it's extraordinary that someone would ask you to be a part of it"- David Tennant on Doctor Who.

"As a child I loved that fantasy world in Doctor Who and the Incredible Hulk. I also watched a lot of sitcoms"  - David Tennant

"It's lovely to be so associated with something that means so much to people" - David Tennant on his Doctor Who legacy.

"It was a surreal out of body experience..." - David Tennant's reaction to being offered the role of The Doctor in Doctor Who.

"I know as much as everyone in this room. Probably less." - David Tennant doesn't reveal anything about the new series of Broadchurch.

"I did have a couple days of thinking...am I going to be painted purple everyday?" - David Tennant on his Jessica Jones character.

"I directed at drama school, it was part of my course." - David Tennant on the possibility of directing.

David Tennant cites Shakespeare, Russell T. Davies, Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller as a few of his writing inspirations.

"You can all have a piece!" Happy Birthday David Tennant.


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