AUDIO: David Tennant Guest Stars In The This Week In Marvel Podcast

David Tennant visted Marvel HQ in New York a few weeks ago to record a special edition of the This Week In Marvel podcast. In conversation with regular podcast hosts Ryan Penagos and Blake Garris, David talked about his starring role in Marvel's Jessica Jones, his love of the comics while growing up and his future projects.

On knowing very little about what to expect as Kilgrave :
"It was a bit of a gamble...I was really going on the quality of the writing"

On his favourite Marvel characters while growing up:
"I used to get Spiderman &'d get four or five pages of Spiderman and four or five pages of the Hulk and then She-Hulk and Spiderwoman. So I suppose those characters, Im a big fan of all four of them."

On his own artistic endeavours, aged 10:
"I found, not long ago, a comic book I'd made myself based on a lot of the panels I'd clearly copied very religiously, a little A5 shaped Hulk comic book, 'The Hulk Vs. The Mudman"

How he worries that people are fans of Kilgrave:
"People are overjoyed to meet you as Kilgrave. You worry that they need a bit of help. They're so enthused by this character that's pretty dark."

On meeting his idols:
"Once it becomes a bit more usual for you to meet people you've seen in other media, you do become a bit blasé about it...but occasionally you'll meet someone and you'll be properly starstruck."

David, who was just winding up hias New York run of Richard II at the time then revealed that he would be filming the third series of Broadchurch for the rest of the year and also taking part in a British film, which has now been revealed to be Fish Without Bicycles. 

Listen to the podcast here
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Marvel's Jessica Jones is available to stream on Netflix worldwide.


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