COMIC RELEASE: Doctor Who - Supremacy Of The Cybermen Concludes Today

The final issue of Supremacy Of The Cybermen, the five-part multi-Doctor adventure from Titan Comics, is released in comic stores today. The officially licensed mini-series features the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors, as portrayed on screen by Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi, along with their comics companions, fresh from the pages of their own ongoing Titans series.

In the storming conclusion to the 2016 Event universes will live and die, and timelines will be changed for ever. You must not miss this staggering finale!

Doctor Who: Supremacy Of The Cybermen - Issue #5
The story so far…
The Supremacy of the Cybermen is almost complete, but the Doctors are fighting back... Can the universe still be saved?!
The Ninth Doctor lost Rose in 2006 – and now the Cyber nanites have infected him too! But he won’t go without taking the invaders with him...
The Tenth Doctor just watched Cindy and Gabby’s Sontaran battleship crash...!
The Eleventh Doctor is on Prehistoric Earth, where he has been forcibly integrated into the Cyber-Silurian hive mind...though that was all the worse for his captors!
And the Twelfth Doctor just witnessed the beginning of a new Age of Steel, on a Cyberised Gallifrey at the End of Time – as the Cybermen betrayed Rassilon at last!

Doctor Who: Supremacy Of The Cybermen is written by George Mann and Cavan Scott with artwork by Ivan Rodriguez. The new issue will be available to buy in comic stores and online via from today.

Check out some alternative covers and artwork below:


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