PHOTOS AND QUOTES: David Tennant And Krysten Ritter Panel At SVCC

 Photo credit: Teodor Bjerrang

Yesterday saw David Tennant and his Jessica Jones co-star Krysten Ritter take to the stage at Silcon Valley Comic Con for a joint panel. Their panel was so popular that screens had to be set up in another room in order to accomodate all of the fans that wanted to see the pair.

Thanks to @MithicalEnt for live tweeting from the panel on twitter here's some quick quotes from it:

"Not Casanova!" - David Tennant on character that he is most like.

"How soon would you be corrupted by Kilgrave's]powers?!" David Tennant to Krysten Ritter.

"If you wanna see my shake my booty in exceedingly tight trousers ... episode 4..." David Tennant on Good Omens.

"I hit you in the face with this canister and it just spurt blood!"
"It was my best Stranger Things moment." - Krysten Ritter and David Tennant reflecting on most emotionally stressing situation filming together.

"Musical theatre!" - David Tennant on genres that he has not done but wants to.

"A lot of people ask me to punch them! And I do it!" - Krysten Ritter on strangest fan interaction.

 "I was there in the shower naked like on the day I was born... And this guy comes up to me naked... And asks for an autograph!" -  David Tennant on strangest fan interaction.

"There's a sense of working together and family that big studios don't have. Very creative and friendly atmosphere. I don't understand how LegionM works but it's very clever!" -  David Tennant on working with indie film companies.

"While researching [a role for a movie about Einstein] for a minute I understood the theory of relativity. " - David Tennant on most creative thing he discovered while researching for a role.

"Hone your skills like a ninja and say 'yes' and be good at hearing 'no' don't let it get you down!" - Krysten Ritter gives advice to young actors.

"Learn your lines and be nice! You won't believe how many actors forget their lines!" - David Tennant gives advice to young actors.

"I get really cross when fans get a bad rap. As hobbies go, as fans go, they're really cool!" - David Tennant on his convention experiences.

"While filming The Defenders, Jessica is really cool. I was running and tripped!" - Krysten Ritter on her most embarrassing moment on set.

"Your Doctor was one of my most favorite of all time." ... "ONE OF?!" - David Tennant's immediate response to fan's opening sentence.

"Bittersweet on our last scene, we ouldn't get through it without getting very emotional. Great friend and guide." - David Tennant on his final Doctor Who scene with Billie Piper.

"18 to 75!" - Krysten Ritter on David Tennant's acting age range.

"I have to confess to being middle age! I'm about to be 47! Ludicrous!" - David Tennant on his acting age range.

"I have the Bryan Cranston book! I haven't read it yet but I want to!" - Krysten Ritter on new books she's reading.

"The last book I read was Richard Dawkins and I ALMOST understood it!" - David Tennant on books he's reading.

"Bryan Cranston and Whitford Bradley" - David Tennant on who he'd love to work with.

"I don't see them as good or bad, I just see them as human beings!" - David Tennant on if he likes playing bad guys or good guys.

The panel ended on a rapid fire round of questions, as follows:

What inspires you?
Krysten Ritter: "Inspiration can be found everywhere."
David Tennant: "My kids."

What frustrates you?
David Tennant (jokingly): My kids.

What has changed now since earlier in your career?
Krysten Ritter: Taking better care of myself.
David Tennant: Finding a work-life balance.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Krysten Ritter: I have a really bad one. I got into the Kardashians, man! I think I just like how they have a large family.

Favorite childhood hero?
Krysten Ritter: Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice.
David Tennant: The Doctor.

Check out more fabulous photos from the panel below courtesy of the twitter users credited:

 Photo credit: Teodor Bjerrang

  Photo credit: Teodor Bjerrang

 Photo credit: Teodor Bjerrang

 Photo credit: Teodor Bjerrang

 Photo Credit: Outside Comic Con

Photo Credit: Outside Comic Con

 Photo Credit: UnGeekPH

  Photo Credit: UnGeekPH

  Photo Credit: UnGeekPH

 Photo Credit: UnGeekPH

Photo Credit: Capauldi

 Photo Credit: Capauldi

 Photo Credit: Capauldi

Photo Credit: Capauldi

Photo Credit: SVComicCon

Photo Credit: MithicalEnt

 Photo Credit: MithicalEnt

 Photo Credit: MithicalEnt

Photo Credit: MithicalEnt

Thanks to everyone kind enough to share their photos.


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